Challenge: Describe America In Three Words

Happy belated 4th of July everybody! I hope y’all had a fun/safe night spending time with family or friends and watching fireworks or whatever it is you do on this holiday. I was going to post this yesterday, but I ran out of time to do so. So I decided to do it today.

Recently I saw a question when I was going through my twitter feed and I thought it was an appropriate question since it was the 4th of July holiday. Its a question I never really thought of before, but when I read it, it got me thinking.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: How would you describe America in three words?

It doesn’t even have to be just America. How would you describe your own country in three words? At first, I struggled in coming up with those three words because my list, once I actually started thinking about it, was pretty extensive. I’m thankful to be in the country I live in, though I don’t show it or voice it as much as others would. I’m thankful for the service men and women in our military who fight every single day to give us the freedoms that we do. Though some would disagree with this part, I am thankful for the President and his family and the work they have done thus far since Donald Trump took office. img_5016After much debating and thinking about the three words from my list, I think I have limited it to just three:

  1. Patriotic: At times, people in our country are very patriotic. When the time comes, they will stand together and believe the same things, when a day ago, they were at odds over those same things. They are patriotic in the way they help each other in rough times. (Example: hurricane Harvey followed by hurricane Irma).
  2. Republic: Due to what the United States Constitution says, we are a republic, and I am thankful we are. Because we get to elect people into office after a term, we don’t have just one person governing our country, and making decisions that could either really help or harm us. If that person ends up committing a crime while in office, we, the citizens, can vote to have him impeached. Being a republic, for the most part, we get to vote which laws are placed and which ones are not.
  3. Free: Because of our service men and women we are a free country. We are able to choose what we believe and then follow those beliefs. We are free to make decisions for ourselves. As a country, we, the citizens, are free to vote for who we want in office. As a country, we are free to vote to have that same person removed from office. We have more freedoms than I can count, thanks to those who serve in our military, than most countries around the world.

I want to thank those who have served to keep our country safe, and fight to give us the freedoms that our country has. Words are never enough to show gratitude for all that you do, but thank you. I would also like to thank President Trump and his family for all the work they have done to insure our safety. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.img_5017(Note: Image from @realdonaldtrump IG)

Happy 4th of July!

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