Was Daniels Arrest A Set Up?

If you have been paying attention to the news at all today, the arrest of porn star Stormy Daniels is no new news to anyone. That’s right. I’m talking about the same lady who tried to convince people months ago that she once slept around with our current President. What I don’t get…is, if that claim is true, she waited all of these years before coming forward? Then she got her few months of fame in trying to have our President impeached, she went dark…and suddenly, she’s back in the news again for being arrested while performing in Ohio. People-namely the leftists and Democrats-are calling it a set up. Me? I can honestly see it being a set up.

All of us probably have an idea of what a porn star’s job is. If ya don’t know, either ask somebody or look it up. What do I think about Daniels’ claim of having a former relationship with our President? I think its a lie to get publicity. A lie to earn more money to make the lie to help impeach the United States President. The picture below is a tweet I saw on my twitter feed this morning. I read through some of the comments to this tweet and couldn’t help but find myself appauled that people were actually agreeing with this guy! Every comment I saw, literally agreed with him.

Its as if God sent us Stormy Daniels to make us realize how hypocritical and corrupt we are as a nation. History will remember Stormy Daniels, not as a porn star or a stripper, but as a hero who helped America find its morality. She just happens to be a porn star. Get over it!

Say what now? I’m a non-denominational Christian, part of what some would probably call the name it-claim it bunch. I highly doubt a porn star of all people would be sent to make US citizens realize how hypocritical and corrupt our country is. I highly doubt it.


America’s morality was lost because of people like Daniels. People already realize how hypocritical and corrupt our country is, they just don’t openly voice it because they are too scared to. People are scared to openly talk about doing the right thing because they see so many people talking about doing the wrong thing. Its hard to vocally stand for something when it seems like you are the only one doing it. I know this is true, I was hesitant to post this.

A simple definition of moral from Merriam-Webster dictionary is this: of or relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior. How could anyone want to follow morals set by a porn star? Just look at what she does every single day for a living for crying out loud! If Ms. Daniels was to ever run for office, be it governor or even President, oh boy, I would be praying for the rapture to happen before I even saw the end results.

No, I do not think the Daniels arrest was a set up. I honestly think Daniels herself, or people that she works for, planned it to make it look like it was a set up. Just like she planned on voicing her “alleged affair” with President Trump during the #metoo movement when it was in the news those months ago, when instead she could have voiced it the many years ago when it actually happened, if it ever did.

Yes, our nation has fallen drastically in morality and I hate to say that every one of us is probably at fault. When this nation was first started, it had a…oh what’s the word…background plan for how this nation was to be run. The Constitution of the United States. People, namely the leftists and Democrats, have been pushing and pushing so much to have much of the Constitution changed. But once parts of the Constitution started being taken out of society, that’s when our nation’s society, our nation’s morals, started going downhill.

2 thoughts on “Was Daniels Arrest A Set Up?”

  1. It’s fascinating to see the political culture in different countries. In South Africa, where I’m from, we have a multi-party system. And although there are some who are ANC forever or DA forever, I think most people actually wait until election time to decide. And when things go wrong they blame the president. Recently, there were protest urging the ruling party to recall the then president. The opposition joined in and was happy and when the former president resigned, the opposition tried to manipulate things so we could have an election and move to oust the ruling party. The people didn’t have it. They were like “HA! AH! be quiet now, he’s gone. We’ll vote next year”.

    Politics is interesting.

    On the tweet: Though I agree with your opinions, it’s worth noting that Hosea had to marry a prostitute as a prophetic symbol of God’s relationship with Israel. And Balaam’s donkey spoke to him that one time.

    Time will tell.


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